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Certainties and controls

that allow no doubts.

The quality of the manufacturing process

Bea relies on a well-established manufacturing process: from raw materials, to finished product, all aspects of every processing operation are followed at in-house level. This It is possible thanks to Bea’s agile and compact corporate structure: a really important business within the market also in virtue of the rapidity of response to customers’ requirements. Indeed, today Bea is in all respects one of the few companies within the industry of manufacturing fastening components, which is capable of assuring the flexibility that is required by the market. This means a lot.


Bea’s laboratory is equipped with appliances that are dedicated to control of incoming raw materials, in-process controls for material in production and final control once production is finished. Raw material comes from approved steel mills who undergo regular auditing and their supplies are subject to all controls by the standards in force. In addition, upon demand of the customer, Bea is available to perform in-house inspections on the materials in the presence of external bodies, such as Lloyds Register, Bureau Veritas and TUV or inspectors nominated by the same customer.


Tensile Test

Proof Load Test

Hardness Test (Brinell - Rockwell C - Rockwell B)

Impact Test (From room Temperature to -196°C)


Ultrasonic Test

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Liquid Penetrant Examination

Positive Material Identification

Heat treatments

Hot forging and production of highly specialized material grades led Bea to internally develop the heat treatment technology for the highest steel grades, alloys and non-ferrous alloys, which is performed by means of five furnaces that may reach temperatures up to 1180°. The in-house performance of this operation offers clear advantages to the customers concerning an increased control over the entire manufacturing process. Bea carries out the following heat treatments totally in house: Quenching and tempering, Solution heat treatment, Normalizing, Age hardening and Tempering. All furnaces at BEA are electric type, controlled atmosphere (nitrogen or nitrogen-methanol).

Surface treatments (coating)

Bea can perform any type of surface treatment upon demand of the customer by complying with the provisions that are established by the reference standards.

Hot-Dip Galvanizing

ASTM A153 – ISO 1461- UNI 3740 – BS 729

Electro Zinc Plating (with optional Hydrogen De-Embrittlement)

(White – Yellow – Black – Green)

UNI 4721 – ASTM B633 – BS 1706

Ptfe – Fluorocarbon Coating

Xylan 1070 Blue / Green / Red / Yellow

Ceramic Filled Fluorocarbon Coating

Xylar 1 or Xylar 2 and Xylan 1070


ISO 2063

Silver Plating

ASTM B254 – B700

Pickling & Passivation


GEOMET 321 o 500

ASTM F1136

Electro less Nickel Plating


Nickel Plating


Mechanical Zinc Coating


Electro Zinc/Nickel Plating


Electro Zinc/Cobalt Plating


Zinc Phosphate Coating / Manganese Phosphate Coating (with optional Hydrogen De-Embrittlement)

ASTM F1137